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A Post-Mortem Beauty..

Also moonlighting as The Pervenator.

Post-Mortem Beauty
30 August 1986
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Dawn Marie.
[AKA Kitty (Team Stealth), Dawn of the Dead, Dawny, Pez Dispenser Whore, Mo-Diggity, Popcorn Whore]

Girl in her own universe.

Living in Tarentum, PA.

I'm an extremely liberal and openminded person. I love to learn new things and meet new people.

[[ If you wish to read my entries -add- me.. 'cause..
my LiveJournal is ~Friends ONLY~.. so add me and I'll add you.. and vice versa, hopefully! ]]

"The only true perversion is chastity." -Anatole France
45 grave, aesop rock, amelia atwater-rhodes, anime, anti-mormon, apparat, atrixo, ayaan hirsi ali, badtz maru, bats, bisexuals, bjork, black metal, boards of canada, bondage, boredom, cats, centaurs, chains, christian death, cocteau twins, confusion, count grishnackh, dark tranquillity, day of the dead, deep blue, demons, dimmu borgir, dir en grey, donnie darko, dragons, drawing, drow, drum n bass, el-p, electronic music, elves, epic poetry, equality, euronymous, extraterrestrials, feminism, fishnets, freya, gaz, genitorturers, gir, glitter, goldie, goteki, gothic, graffiti, griffons, guns, guys, halloween, halo, halo 2, halo 3, hamasaki ayumi, harlow, hello kitty, hentai, herb, hookah, incubi, inkubus sukkubus, invader zim, j-rock, jim morrison, johnny cash, johnny horton, jungle, largo, leather, lenore, lips, luca turilli, malice mizer, manga, marijuana, mary jane, megatokyo, meowing, merlin, mermaids, metal, mistress gen, mos def, movies, nails, neoclassical, nuggets, odin, orgy, oxymorons, pantera, pro-choice, rape, rhapsody, roman dirge, rpgs, sasha, sisters of mercy, sixteen candles, slayers, sling blade, sneaky bat machine, sonata arctica, soundgarden, spider webs, spirits, squeaking, storytelling, succubi, susumu yokota, switchblade symphony, symphony x, talons, tharos, the breakfast club, the newlydeads, thor, thyrfing, togepi, turning water into funk, ufos, unicorns, unrequitted love, vampires, wedding peach, whitley strieber, william blake, winona ryder, your mom, zombies